Awkward (MTV) “Once Upon A Blog” Season 2 Episode 11

Awkward Once Upon A Blog Season 2 Episode 11

Awkward (MTV) “Once Upon A Blog” Season 2 Episode 11 airs on Thursday, September 13 at 10:30 p.m. on MTV.

Synopsis: Jenna fabricates some of her blog entries to try to change her future.

Show Synopsis: Jenna revels in her and Jake’s official relationship status until she learns a hidden camera is filming at the Sanctuary. She then goes to great lengths to destroy the tape, enlisting Ming and others to help.

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  • girl

    This is not the season finale!  Episode 212 airs next week and is the season finale.

    • Americ Ngwije

      You are correct. Sorry about that. the mistake has been fixed.