New Homeland Game Takes You Into the Mind of Carrie Mathison

Many shows have created interactive games for their viewers to play. The shows use these games as yet another way to attract the nerds generate excitement among the fans of the show. However, few shows have gone all-in to level that Homeland has in its new game.

On the site, Homeland fans can get an inside look at Carrie’s “files.” While is the homebase for the game, the game actually takes the player to many different websites as you run down clues to help Carrie take down Abu Nazir. Claire Danes even does a video spot where she implores you to help her before the ECT treatments wipe her memory clean. If you like decoding mysteries and have an unquenchable desire to help a woman in the psych ward, then the new Homeland game may be for you. Crazy cabin sex with terrorists and electroshock therapy are not required.

Homeland returns September 30th at 10 PM on Showtime.

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