Homeland Keeps It Weird in Their New Poster

One of the hallmarks of this new age of cable dramas is the willingness to make the audience uncomfortable. Shows like The Sopranos, The Wire, and Breaking Bad want to confront you with the harsh truths about the context of their show. After one season, it seems that Homeland is willing to join that club.

The entire first season was filled with moments that were extremely uncomfortable, but riveting at the same time. Carrie’s unhealthy obsession, Carrie’s psychosis, Brody’s interactions with his wife, Brody’s interactions with his daughter, and Carrie and Brody’s weird relationship were all uncomfortable to watch at times. Judging from the latest poster released previewing season two, it doesn’t look like that last one is going to get a lot better. It’s one thing to masterfully color code intelligence so you can find out what’s going on with the world’s most dangerous terrorist (Abu Nazir), it’s quite another to form the intelligence into the face of a man who you survey, work with, and screw from time to time. I know it’s just a poster, but the poster tells us that Carrie’s obsession isn’t going to wane in this second season. I sure hope it doesn’t, because we’re far better off with with the Crazy Carrie from this poster.

Homeland premieres September 30th at 10 PM on Showtime.

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