Breaking Bad Becomes a Reality Show in Alabama

After a dogged pursuit by Hank Schrader and the New Mexico bureau of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Walter White has finally been captured in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Frankly, I’m surprised that Vince Gilligan’s normally tight-lipped team has let such a huge spoiler slip.

Wait, this story is real? According to the Washington Post, a man in Tuscaloosa, Alabama named Walter White has been arrested for manufacturing and trafficking methamphetamine. The obvious phrase “life imitates art” has been bandied about by multiple media outlets when attempting to describe the eerie similarities between the two cases. Trafficking methamphetamine is a serious offense, and I hope the Mr. White of Tuscaloosa is punished accordingly. However, fans of Breaking Bad can’t help but find the humor in the situation.

No word yet on if they have linked the Alabama Mr. White to an explosion in a local nursing home.

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