‘Last Man Standing’ Announces Casting Changes

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Tim Allen’s ABC comedy vehicle Last Man Standing has undergone some serious cast changes per reports from EW. According to the always reliable source show runner Tim Doyle (Better Off Ted) has recast the oldest daughter of Allen, bringing actress Amanda Fuller of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fame into the fold. Fuller will now take on the role of Kristen that was previously played by actress Alexandra Krosney (Transformers Prime) who has since departed the series due to creative reasons it was reported . She brings with her credits that includes the big screen production of ‘Other People’s Lives’, the TV series ‘Scandal’, the criminal drama ‘Rizzoli & Isles’, ‘Life’ and ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’.

In addition, the role of the young character Boyd will also see changes. Show runners have nabbed the young unknown actor Flynn Morrison to take on the role of the 5-year old that was previously filled by twin actors Luke and Evan Kruntchev both of ‘Dexter’ fame. The role of Boyd’s father in the series that was previously portrayed by singer Nick Jonas has yet to be cast.

‘Last Man Standing’ will debut in its second season in a one hour premieres on October 11th at 8pm est. Tell us what you think about the casting changes below.

  • Carol Vinson

    I am sooo glad to see the show back on!!!! Was a little confused on that new girl. I thought maybe i missed that they had an older daughter from a previous marriage or something like that! LOL its weird having her there but i think it will be ok coz the show is hilarious!!! People dont like change, plain and simple! But i think we all will get used to her. Shes def different, too old and not as fresh as the other girl, but i still love the show!!!! Keep up the good work!!! I also think the Obama vs Romney show was acted out perfectly! Im with the girls on this one! Cant wait for Friday to watch agsin!!!!! Keep the laughs coming!!!

  • Bungeecord007

    liked the show the way it was. with these type of changes and cancelation of great shows on numerous networks is the reason I dropped cable and have hulu plus and netflix. saved 50 bucks a month for this crap. no infomercials either. love my roku box.

  • 1023fat

    Week 2, another bad episode. I would rather see the Kristen character written out completely
    and take the dead beat dad away please. Kristen is now being played by a 28 year old actress,
    as if we would’nt notice.  More Eve, Mandy, Kyle and Ed and just get rid of the terrible Kristen
    and Ryan.  And oh by the way Tim, we lost our vote, so no more politics please.  Get the old
    Kristen back, ditch Ryan.  I will give it one more week to get back on track otherwise
    last FAN standing

  • Ike

    The other Kristin was much better, better chemisty and funny. The new one is just all attitude, don’t like it.

  • Goodluckwiththat106

    Why do people always think they have to change things?  The reason a season two came into being, was because we liked what we saw in season one.  There was no need for a new direction!  There was no need for cast changes.  There was no need to make characters older.  The show and cast were perfect in season one.  This “new direction” of more “real issues” sucks.  I want a comedy, with the great Tim Allen, not political/social statements.  There’s enough of that in real life.  I want RELIEF from the real world.  The new “show runner” needs to go!

  • Blond22

    Hate it!!!! Politics have no place in comedy. Move to Friday night was moronic!!! New cast members suck!

  • Coloradorose49

    AXE the politics & racial innuendos! Not sure I’m looking forward to next Friday night episode — sadly, disappointed.

  • Tinafou

    My husband didn’t even watch it after we realized the change of Kristen! We only gotbthroughbthe first three minutes and didn’t like the change.

  • Anonymous

    I was really disappointed with the casting changes.   The new daughter and Boy’d’s dad greatly distract from the story line and cast chemistry.  The new daughter seems so much older and combative.  She should be thankful for the opportunity to stay with her parents, but instead seems ungrateful.  

    The first episode of season 2 was so awful and politically charged, I deleted it within 12 minutes.  The second episode I managed to stomach, but it also seems to now have a strong political undertone.  I doubt I’ll be watching the show any more, which is unfortunate because Tim Allen and Nancy Travis are great.  I have 4 daughters and thought the first season was hilarious.  Now, they’ve taken a fun show humorously dealing with parenting and have turned it into every other sitcom that attempts to exalt liberals and ridicule conservatives.

  • Anonymous

    I suspect if this current course is continued, we will be reading the sitcom’s eulogy next year of how you take a good comedy and successfully kill it.

  • rirjf jrfjfnfnj

    done with Last Man Standing Screw anything liberal

  • DisqusId2012

    3 episodes into the 2nd season and there won’t be a third season – if it even lasts this season. Bad casting and purely politically charged. I’m casting my anti-liberal vote by removing this show from my DVR.

  • disapointed

    Like the old cast members better. Show not as good.

  • tygpaw25

    I have to agree the original Kristen worked better. The physical difference between the old and new is way too great to make a smooth transition. They are both good actresses but for this role the new just does not fit in the family

  • Debbie

    Not a good fit. Show was good last year. New daughter is not good and too much politics. Give it a rest.

  • lostcase

    i also hate the new changes. i changed the channel after only 10 minutes. They really ruined a pretty good show. It wont last

  • PismoPat

    The new political stuff is just way to heavy. The son-in-law is a downer. They have to be losing share. they are losing me.

  • cinvin

    Terrible, I taped them and when I saw the changes I erased them. To bad.

  • Ray

    Don’t like the new kristen

  • Observer974

    My family this show, but the chemistry is so awful, now, that we stopped watching. What possessed the morons that produce this to wreck a perfectly good show?

  • Christina

    I think they need to cast people who are contracted in to stay until its done on the air. The new cast always look so stupid and odd when they start taking over original roles. LAME! I havent seen the new cast on tv yet but Im already not looking forward to seeing it anymore