America’s Next Top Model Goes To College [Video]

The first “College Edition” of America’s Next Top Model comes to The CW later this month and features thirteen new model hopefuls from colleges, universities and trade schools all over the country who will compete to claim the title of “America’s Next Top Model.”

Creator and host Tyra Banks returns to America’s Next Top Model with a few new faces joining her team of consultants and judges. Stylist Johnny Wujek, fashion blogger Bryanboy, and choreographer Jontè will work with the models as consultants, while Kelly Cutrone and Rob Evans will regularly join Tyra at the judges’ table. Fans will also have a say in who stays and who goes by voting and commenting on the model’s photo shoots online.

Check out the preview for America’s Next Top Model: College Edition below. Do you already know who you’re rooting for?

America’s Next Top Model: College Edition is scheduled to air on Friday, August 24 on The CW.

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