UK Series ‘Misfits’ To Make US Debut on Logo

The acclaimed and BAFTA Award-winning UK series Misfits will finally be coming stateside courtesy of the cable channel Logo. The series will make its American debut starting on July 19 and fans can look forward to all four (yes, you read that right, all four) seasons of the drama in the upcoming months.

The premise of ‘Misfits’ is this: When a group of law-breaking twentysomethings are suddenly vested with supernatural powers during a freak electrical storm, their already out-of-control lives are plunged into even deeper chaos. The rough and rebellious clan includes characters Nathan Young (Robert Sheehan), Simon Bellamy (Iwan Rheon), Curtis Donovan (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), Kelly Bailey (Lauren Socha), and Alisha Bailey (Antonia Thomas). Whether it’s turning back time, or throwing people into a sexual frenzy, their newfound abilities prove to be as troublesome as they are strange. As they come to terms with their powers, these teens will have to decide how to use them and whether to do so for good or just for good times.

Marc Leonard, the Senior Vice President of Multiplatform Programming at Logo, shared that (they are) “proud to introduce the US television audience to this beloved series, which is like the mutant offspring of ‘True Blood’ and ‘X-Men’”.

Viewers can get more information on ‘Misfits’ and to see a sneak preview clip of upcoming episodes by visiting Logo. They can also visit the show’s Facebook Page for up-to-date news and exclusives.

Again ‘Misfits’ will debut on Logo starting on July 19 at 10/9c.

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