One Tree Hill “Anyone Who Had a Heart” Review

A warning label should be applied to “Anyone Who Had a Heart,” the penultimate episode of One Tree Hill. Caution! Contents may cause diabetes.

It seems like all that had to happen to turn Tree Hill from Drama Central to a 1960’s Love In was the death of Dan Scott. That’s how much they hated him. Once he was safely six feet under, the whole town melted into a gooey pile of sentiment and sweetness.

Chase came to terms with his dismissal from the Air Force, and came to appreciate his job at the bar, which Haley is conspiring to sell to him.

Despite her husband having been kidnapped and kept away from her for weeks, Haley loved him and Jamie enough to know that her two men needed to take some time away after Dan’s funeral, leaving her to emcee the Burning Boat Festival, the first time we’ve seen the ritual since the first season. It was a nice nod to the past, I must admit.

Millie’s love for Mouth prompted her to urge him to leave their morning show in order to create a sports-centered program for the station. Mouth, having severely slimmed down, loves her even more for realizing what he needed before he did. Skillz happily takes over the anchor position, grateful to have a job because apparently being a sports choreographer works better if you live in LA where the movies are made.

But Julian did his best to bring Hollywood to Tree Hill by pitching his idea to turn Lucas’s book into a TV series that revolved around Brooke’s character. I have to give the show props for name-dropping The Creek, the show-within-a-show that Dawson’s Creek used and I referenced in last week’s review. Well played, Schwann. Well-played.

Brooke was still fuming over her father’s betrayal, but quickly, and all to vividly, learns that her parents have gotten back together. With a little kick-butt action from Julian, who loves wife so much that he will tell off his father, it seems like Brooke’s parents are finally ready to act like grown-ups and show their daughter the love she so desperately craved for so many years.

Over at the beach house, Quinn helped Clay set up Logan’s room by adding a picture of Sara. Aww! Then they helped Logan get over his fear of the ocean. Aww! Then, in a tent they pitched in the middle of the living room, with Logan asleep against Quinn, Clay asked her to marry him and sealed the deal with Logan’s Green Lantern ring. AWWW!!

I warned you, dude. Diabetes.

So, it seems like everyone is happy. Dead Dan equals hugs and puppies. In that case, it’s a good thing he hung on up until the last two episodes. I’m not sure I could have taken much more of this sugar. Next week is the last episode of One Tree Hill ever. For real this time. Will it be more of the same, or will it go out with a bit of an edge? Here’s hoping for the latter.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below! ever. For real this time. Will it be more of the same, or will it go out with a bit of an edge? Here’s hoping for the latter.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!

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