EUREKA “Reprise” Advance Review

EUREKA "Reprise" Advance Review

EUREKA “Reprise” Season 4, Episode 12 – It’s finally here! Tonight’s EUREKA is the first one with guest star Felicia Day. She plays Dr. Holly Marten, an analyst from the Department of Defense that shows up to Eureka under mysterious circumstances. Soon after she arrives, though, everyone is singing a different tune, and it’s a pretty dangerous melody. Carter pulls double duty as he tries to get everyone back in harmony while watching Allison’s kids as she heads out to a medical conference. On the way to the conference Allison learns that most important of lessons, that no geed deed goes unpunished.

One of the best parts of tonight’s episode is how the main mystery is brought up and answered. I thought it was done very subtly and leads everything else that has happened so far in the episode to sort of “click” into place. You also get the feeling that the everyone had a lot of fun filming this episode, especially in how each character deals with the main event occurring in town.

Now lets talk about Felicia Day’s debut on the show. I don’t know if the Eureka writers created Dr. Martens specifically for her, but it comes through that way in both the writing and the performance by Day. She adds a new dynamic to the town and I think that will be a good thing overall. Another bright spot in the episode was Trevor Jackson, playing Allison’s son Kevin, who had a few scenes that were laugh out loud hilarious.

Make sure to catch the new episode of Eureka, “Reprise”, Monday at 8 PM EDT then come back here to let me know what you thought of Felicia Day’s debut and how this season is shaping up so far.

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