THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER “Moving In and Moving Out” Season 3 Episode 20 – Carrying on with the trend of slightly pornographic episode names, “Moving In and Moving Out” started out with two big arguments: Ashley tries to keep Amy at home by shrieking at her and Amy’s father tries to keep her at home by first shaming her, then filling her with despair and his own disappointment in her. It was a surprisingly realistic portrayal of a family’s reaction to a crummy decision. It also showed that Shailene Woodley isn’t a half bad actress.

This episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager was written by Paul Perlove. For the quality of this show, this episode stands out as one of the more tolerable (really that’s as much of a compliment as I can muster). Amy and Ashley have a little bitch fest, which is kind of hilarious to laugh at until they start bringing the conversation around to how great their boyfriends are and somewhere Gloria Steinem stabbed herself in the eye with a knitting needle.

There are a lot of things about the show which I find unbelievable. Grace telling her mother how good her and Grant’s sex was hardly stands out as one of the more realistic, raw moments of the show. Grant and Grace’s belief that they’re relationship will last throughout nine years of college is both kinda sweet and naïve.

In the end, Adrian is nervous about marrying Ben, but she and Ben sleep together and realize they’re a match made in heaven. On the other relationship front, Ricky lets slip that he still has Adrian on his mind, and Ashley, who has always been a terrible character, a spiteful character, and a selfish character, has her friend over: her intentions are to let slip to Amy that Ricky slept with another girl when she was away. Her plans sort of half work: it’s the final budge Amy needs to decide not to move in with Ricky. He tells her he loves her, and their relationship is.well, back to the way it has been for the last season.

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