CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Push Mix” Review

Chuck "Versus The Push Mix" Season 4 Episode 13 (NBC)

CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Push Mix” Season 4 Episode 13 – The thirteenth episode of Chuck was a landmark where the storyline is concerned: Chuck proposes to Sarah, Ellie has her baby, the entire crew finally take down Volkoff and Chuck’s mother, at last, returns home.

It was a solid episode of Chuck, utilizing some genuinely clever tricks to take down a Volkoff: Chuck impersonating his father as Orion was quite brilliant and touching and Timothy Dalton is the best and most fully realized villain Chuck has ever had with his British accent, sinister vibe and zany sense of humor.

There were plenty from the secondary characters as well: Jeff and Lester, who often risk just being irritating, provided much laughter with their hospital rendition of Push It. Ellie’s expression of horror when she first heard them over the intercom was priceless. Awesome’s temporary lack of awesomeness was moving, though by the time Casey gave him the heart to heart pep talk it was feeling a little forced.

The Chuck and Volkoff showdown in Orion’s cabin was easily the best moment of the episode, primarily because it felt like there was something at stake. With Sarah and Chuck’s mother snooping around Volkoff’s office, there was never a real sense of danger, which is probably why the scenes of those two together did not work as effectively as they might have: it is far scarier being alone; with a partner, about ninety percent of the risk vanishes. Had Sarah been operating alone, or had they been working together but physically separated, there would have been no look out, no one who could have shared their anxiety, therefore letting the tension bottle up.

Still, this episode tied up about a dozen loose ends very smoothly. It was an entertaining episode which involved the entire cast of characters and I cannot wait to see what the next arc in the saga of Chuck will be.

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  • Anonymous

    As you said this was a great episode. The “Push It” thing was the funniest thing to happen to this show since maybe season one, and Jeff & Lester have finally paid off something to the fans that don’t seem to find them quite as funny as the writers think they are. As a DISH customer/employee I was able to watch this all in awesome HD, and the Chuck/Volkoff showdown looked incredible. Can’t wait to see what’s next!