BEING HUMAN “There Goes The Neighborhood” Review

Being Human (Syfy) "There Goes The Neighborhood" Part 1
BEING HUMAN “There Goes The Neighborhood (Part 1)” Episode 1 – We’re all hiding something; humans all have a dark side, or so we are told in the opening scenes of SyFy’s delightful new series BEING HUMAN. The thing about humanity, is we can, supposedly, escape our dark side. Sadly, others can’t. Aidan (Sam Witwer) and Josh (Sam Huntington), realize just how bad things are getting in their nonhuman lives when they wake up on the wrong side of things one morning. Aidan, a vampire, kills a woman and Josh, a werewolf, wakes up beside a dead deer. In an effort to support each other like “normal people” they decide to get an apartment together. And “There Goes The Neighborhood.” Of course, this apartment is not without strings.

You knew that was coming, didn’t you? They couldn’t just settle down to a happily paranormal normal life, could they? No, of course not.

Their place is haunted by Sally (Meaghan Rath) the former fiancée of their landlord. Sally has no idea how to move on. And that’s not the worst of it. The girl Aidan killed is becoming a problem and has allowed Bishop (Mark Pellegrino) another vampire, to come back into Aidan’s life and try and convince him to come back into the fold. Life just can’t be normal for these poor guys.

“There Goes The Neighborhood” was written by Jeremy Carver and Anna Frike and they seemed to have clicked from the first scene. The writing was spot on and caught my attention with the opening narrations. I wanted to know more about these two characters before I even knew their names. Oddly, though the death of Rebecca is more traumatic, I think Josh felt worse about the death of the deer. At least that’s how it seemed in those opening scenes.

The relationship between Josh and Aidan is enjoyable and more to the point believable. In fact, believable enough that I let the question of how did these two, a werewolf and a vampire, end up working together at a hospital pass on buy without a second thought. Aidan working to convince Josh to try and live a normal life and move into an apartment feels, well, normal. Like two guys trying to move on in their lives, no matter what is holding them back.

For me, Josh was the character I found myself more drawn to, I liked him from the start and found myself more in tune with his problems than Aidan’s. Or maybe he was more down-to-earth as opposed to the far older Aidan who has been struggling with his non-humanity for centuries. As time goes by we’ll see, I like them both, just favor Josh.

And I have to say the moving-in montage was awesome. I know some people might not have found it “appropriate” for this genre. (In fact I heard a groan from the other end of the couch.) But I thought it was fabulous and really set the tone for the show. Yes it’s serious, yes there are darker moments, but it has a comedy to it as well, and harkens to Carver’s writing on Supernatural.

The only really jarring thing I found, and it really had nothing to do with this show, but a memory of another, was the character of Bishop. He was well written and played perfectly by Pellegrino, but he reminded me a little too much of Lacroix from Forever Knight. Unintentional though it may be, it was a little bothersome and I hope as the show moves on that similarity can be overcome.

“There Goes The Neighborhood” was the first of two parts and they certainly ended on a killer cliffhanger. They didn’t need it. I will be back next week to see what happens even without that hanging over my head all week. Being Human is a delight. I can’t wait for more.

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  • Goofus

    You forgot to mention that this “delightful new series” is not really so new, but another American rip-off of an original BBC production now moving into its 3rd series. Will the Americans water it down, or keep true to the original plot lines? Will it compare? And why do these remakes need to happen at all? Has American TV and film making originality finally been relegated to the dumpster in lieu of constantly snatching the cinematic gems of every other country on the planet?

    We’ll have to wait and see how they do here, but if you want to avoid potential, even likely disappointment, see the original “Being Human.” I’m sure this breath of fresh air will motivate you to put down that big mac, lean over to fetch the remote, and flip to other non-U.S. shows. If American stations aren’t accommodating, then hit the Web – they can all be found streaming around somewhere. The risk is usually worth it.

    Bye the bye – here is a very small list of U.S. remakes of foreign originals. A couple were good, though most.., not so much : Cracker, Hell’s Kitchen, Life on Mars, Men Behaving Badly, Queer As Folk, Top Gear, The X Factor, The Weakest Link, The Office, Ugly Betty, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and finally – though a movie and yet to be made – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo here because as big a budget the throw at this, there’s no way an American actress will be able to compete with Noomi Rapace’s raw and compelling Lisbeth Salander.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Being Human is an American version of a British show. One of many. I haven’t actually haven’t had the chance to see the original in this case, and I’m glad, since as the reviewer of this version, I need to be reviewing this version not comparing it to another show that may or may not, down the road, have any relation to it except the basic premise.

      Hollywood seems to be revamping a lot of scripts both from other countries series – believe me that’s not just recently, the borrowing reaches back well into the 1960s – and older films (True Grit, The Mechanic, War of the Worlds to name a few)

      I am actually a fan of many British shows, and have been for years, long before BBC America was easily found. I guess I am willing to give the American (or American/Canadian) versions a chance without the dismissal that they have been done on British TV and better. That is sometimes the case, and sometimes not, but I am willing to give them the chance. If no one was willing to give remakes or new versions a chance we might miss out on something wonderful.

      So, I think I will skip the Big Mac completely, enjoy my veggie Thai stir fry and give this show the chance it deserves. Because it does deserve a chance.

    • Leanne Czernowski

      Up until this point i was unaware there was an original series to “Being Human” and i will vouch that the American release is very entertaining and touches some very valuable issues i think that is hidden within all of us. I don’t judge a book by its cover in any circumstance. While some American take offs have failed wickedly (Kath and Kim for example) America is not the only country to rip off an idea. In fact, as inspiration comes in all forms, and from all different parts of the world, fact is we all do it. Something sells and makes it big, it inspires other people to create something of a similar nature, that’s business and like minded relativity.

      I DO indeed hope both series have a different plot, story and character build because there really is no fun in watching the same series with different actors. I am also limited to only watching the American version myself as that is ALL they are showing on our tv stations, it really cannot be helped Australians are not so aware of the other show when we don’t see it. All the same, i think i have made my points clear enough about this issue. While i do respect your argument, please also respect that this review is for a single series and not meant to be for comparisons. I am looking forward to eventually tracking down the other series, not to compare, but to watch both as a different experience.

      On a continuing note, i see this show having a great potential. I’ve already been touched by the in-depth emotions surrounding each character and can relate oddly to some of their behaviors with society and myself, luckily however not to such a grand scale. With all the Twilight rage going on lately I have been a bit disappointed with all the teenage gothic love stories floating around (a good amount is fine but when its everywhere i personally start to lose interest) but this show offers something fresh, new and exciting and is aimed more for adults rather than children. Its not just blood and gore, there is a plot and story. Its certainly a series i am already finding myself recommending to a number of individuals and friends.

      • Sandie

        Hi Leanne,

        If you want to watch the original Being Human series, it’s definitely available on DVD (to rent or own) and the series airs on BBC America with Season 4 premiering in 2012.

        A lot of the storylines in season 1 were taken from the original show, but some were different. Also the executive producers mentioned at Comic-Con that season 2 of the US series would be different than the UK one, so that’s exciting for people who are fans of both versions (like me!)

  • Mish

    Love your reviews 😀 Cannot wait to see this episode as I am a vampire fan.

    • Anonymous

      It’s awesome. Although I am a secret werewolf girl

      • Mish

        Kay, I’m now officially a Vampire and Werewolf fan 😀 I love this show LOL 😀

  • Sandie

    Great review Muffy. I agree with you, even as a fan of the original series, I found myself enjoying this Syfy take on it a lot more than I expected. My favorite character is also Josh, which I guess is no a surprise since in the original my favorite character was George (the British version of Josh :) ).

    While I do love the original better (I mean come on, it’s the original!) I am happy to say that having seen the next 2 upcoming episodes already, this US version does create its own storylines separate from the British version. And I can’t wait to find out what else they have in store for the rest of the season.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Sandie. I think it’s awesome you are giving it a chance and I am actually getting feedback on FB that a lot of people who have seen the British version are enjoying this one.Unlike the above reviewer, I believe it is worthwhile to give these a chance, if we don’t we might miss out on something fabulous. (Like Josh) and a story that was wonderful. I am excited to see where the show goes and I am glad I am watching with “fresh” eyes although I will go back and watch he original when this season is over.

  • Mary

    Since I’ve started watch the show I am able to predict whats going to happen next. It’s like seeing older shows from other movies and tv shows. Can’t any of come up with new material something more out of the ordinary?