GOSSIP GIRL “Witches of Bushwick” Review

GOSSIP GIRL “Witches of Bushwick” Season 4 Episode 9 – What did you think of tonight’s episode? Although a lot of juicy things went down, I’m feeling a sort of “Meh” about “Witches of Bushwick”. What about you? I think I am just angry that Chuck and Blair split up and Jenny is still an ass-hat.

Chuck and Blair: So normally when two people declare their love for each other they form a relationship – not break up! Boo! I loved watching these two get back together and now I feel like it’s getting taken away from me too fast! Chuck could have success and a relationship, why couldn’t Blair? She can be a Hillary with good hair, I know it! At least they left things open to the possibility of a reunion. Plus, Blair was reading that love story at the end so hopefully she hasn’t given up on love for good.

Serena:I’ve been really harsh on Serena for the past couple seasons and now I am moving to her team. What Juliet is doing goes far beyond a normal Gossip Girl ‘taken down’ and has now moved into the criminal. How is she ever going to prove that it wasn’t her that did all those things? I’m hoping that after Serena is found Vanessa and Jenny will realize Juliet is behind it and confess what happened. After all, they didn’t know that part of Juliet’s plan was to kidnap Serena, maybe if they find that out they will switch sides?

Dan and Nate:I don’t have much to say about Nate and Dan tonight. They both have been chasing after Serena like a puppy and it’s getting to be pathetic. In my opinion they are better characters when they are solo.

Jenny: So Jenny can just come home this week and last week it was this big deal? So, I have to admit I actually believed she was above all the high school take-down crap and was going to do the right thing when she confronted Lily. But alas no, she turned out to be a double agent. What really pissed me off is that their Serena take-down involved messing with her brother’s head. Dan has done so much for Jenny recently you’d think she would not want to be part of a plan that involved hurting him.

Vanessa: Vanessa is turning into the new Jenny and I hate it! She use to be the cool one. I wish somebody would just say to her “Dan doesn’t love you, your poor, stay in Brooklyn and leave the cool kids alone”. Okay, that is way harsh but I think she really does need a reality check.

Juliet: Well I guess she has accomplished her take-down of Serena. You know eventually the gang will retaliate and it will be epic. So is Ben the professor that Serena had a relationship with in boarding school? That would explain why he’s in jail. Maybe Serena lied about her age and now he wants revenge?

Here’s a question for you: who is a better villain out of Georgina and Juliet? Leave me a comment and let me know your answer!

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  • Phoebe

    Well, if you compare Georgina with Juliet, G suddenly looks a whole lot lamer. But Juliet’s issues with Serena are deeper and more complex, so we understand that Juliet is more badass in this.

  • I find the concept of the take down riddiculous. Who seriously goes to that much trouble over one person, who hasn’t really done anything much to deserve it. Also Jenny’s flip flop between being too good for the upper east side, then falling back into the drama is a tad old now..I mean seriously. Also the Chuck and Blair ending left a bad taste in my mouth, it was as if the writers were trying to tell us that a woman is nothing compared to a man, so in order to for a woman to be in power she must swear off love, and men. Its as if the writers fell into a radical feminism swing, were some believe male female segregation is necessary, and relationships are oppressive towards women. Dan and Nate, need to get a life I am sorry, have they not realized Serena will use both of them as a shoulder to cry on depending on who sides with her, and what kind of mood she’s in. Also if Ben is in Jail because of a fling with a student, well seriously he knew she was a student at his school, so obviously if its highschool and considering how serena had more high school after she came back she was a minor. And since when is it goot to advocate getting extreme revenge, as a means to satisfy yourself. This season bothers me…I don’t even think I can watch much more unless it starts picking up. The characters are supposed to be growing older, should they not learn to stop asking like bad high school drama cases.

  • Tyler

    If you had asked me last week, definitely would have chosen G. But now I’ve seen all J is able to do to take down S, I definitely chose her.

  • Mike

    Juliet is a way better villian! Unlike G, she gets ish DONE!

  • Phoebe

    But hey, Georgina’s a good villain, too. When she plans to take someone down, she succeeds. She’s just easier to get rid off.

  • Lexie

    Quite disappointed with Jenny Humphrey. I was hoping that she would change her demeanor alas it does not.
    However much due to her manipulative and sadistic nature she could possibly be double crossing Juliet and Vanessa to the point of aliasing herself with Serena. Either way I am quite stunned Jenny stated she would change in Easy J then immediately revert to her old nature.