MERLIN Season 4 Announced

Merlin (BBC One) Season 3

From the excellent news files, it has been announced that there will be a fourth season of the family fantasy drama MERLIN on BBC One. Ten new forty-five minute episodes have been commissioned.

Ben Stephenson, Controller Drama Commissioning, said, “Merlin continues to perform outstandingly well against X Factor and offers audiences an alternative treat on Saturday nights. I’m pleased to confirm that the magical world of Camelot will be returning next year for a fourth series of this fresh and modern retelling of a classic British legend.”

Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, executive producers for Shine TV, said, “We are both delighted with the continuing success of Merlin, and relish the chance to take the series to the next level with the long-awaited arrival of the Knights of the Round Table.”

Season 3 of Merlin is currently airing with the finale scheduled to air on BBC One December 4. Syfy has already announced it will air those episodes here in the United States beginning in early 2011 and we can only hope they will pick up season four as well.

Is everyone else excited to know there will be more Merlin, this time with the Knights of the Round Table?

  • jabohunter

    I hope I have this correct. Merlin Season 4 will air in the UK this coming autumn, and it will air in the US in Spring 2012??? It seems Season 3 was aired like that also.

  • Wavewatcher101

    Can’t wait for the 4th Season…love this show and hpe it continues on…

  • MrLoudCry

    Merlin is an enjoyable show. This is great news that we will experience a new “series” or season as we call it in the states. Legend of the Seeker, was another awesome fantasy genre show, that deserved another season, but ended prematurely. I am glad to see Merlin is going the distance. Looking forward to seeing the knights of the round table. Sounds like the best is yet to come!

  • Acheron_p

    Awesome, this is great news! Merlin rocks!!!

  • germangirl

    season 4 is ok… season 5 hmm maybe… but pls no season 6… at some point there has to be an end

    • Give Jon a Dollar

      Any news on when it will air on Syfy?

  • Matthew

    OH YEAH I AM VERY VERY EXCITED!!! I was unhappy when it was said that season 3 would be the last season and when I found out they are going to be a season 4 I love this show and I hope it goes for more seasons but I guess we will take it season by season. Thank you BBC for approving another season.

  • greg

    Merlin is awesome and it needs to hurry back.

    • Dfddsfdfds

      please when is 4th season coming out?

  • Karen

    Couldn’t be more happy 😀

  • {Kix}

    I <333 Merlin!! I can't wait for it to come on again!
    Everyone is saying he has big ears!! I think they are normal 😛

  • Inno_cence

    I’m from Indonesia and I just want to say that this series of Merlin is really really REALLY great.., my own opinion though~
    I really love Merlin and hope to see the 4th season soon XD~~
    MERLIN I AM YOUR BIG FAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jazzy

    i love this show. i am american, but i love this show. i usually dont watch shows. but this show is awesome.
    thanks bbc for season 4.
    keep going to season 100.
    good work

  • Kay

    I’m honestly not too sure I could live without that show!!!

  • Happyfan

    love it I hope we keep on seeing this. Its refreshing show to watch. Love the costumes, characters and just the whole story line. NICE JOB.

  • Ancientway

    when is the new show playing-Sunday night again?

  • Jasper

    I did read somewhere a fifth series has been confirmed. just put it in google and it will come up.. lets hope they continue to make it many more series.

  • Alora_parks

    so can we watch merlin in december??

  • Kwevira

    So excited to hear that Merlin is getting a Season 4! Yay Merlin (from me and all the other Merlin fans in the South Pacific!)

  • bevybev

    I hope syfy picks it up again, I am so hooked!

  • prettyprincess14

    awesome i thought before they said that that there was going to be a season four because the story is not complete arthur is not king, magic has not yet returned to camelot and other parts like what happens to morganna.

    so i am really excited that there is going to be a season 4 because merlin is awesome!

    but there’s one little problem they said that merlin season four is going to be aired next yaer in 2012
    which is a bummer but if any one finds out that it is online or on youtube can you email me at

  • Hisoka Kurosaki

    so very glad to hear this. This has to be one of the first TV drama series I’m obsessed with. Love the characters, the friendships, the plots, and all the magical lore thrown in. Keep going strong, BBC Merlin. =)

  • Olivera Mitrof

    I am over the moon knowing there will be a season 4.. I can’t wait for Merlin 4

  • kaila27

    soooo excited 😀 cant wait :)

  • Winrose Moses

    so happy there is season 4,merlin is da best series i ever watch in ma entire life u rocky me

    • Eldef Bowa

      can some one teach me how to download this movie?? share the link pls.. TQ

  • Anonymous

    I like this series so it’s all well and good to know that it season four is coming but what I’d really like to know is WHEN??????

  • diane

    this series has to be one of the best i’ve ever seen for excellent casting, Sets, plots, atmosphere, etc.  I refuse to go anywhere whenever an episode of this is playing, even though I tape it for future viewing. I feel like i know these characters as they have tremendous depth–especially Merlin & Gwaine. Thanks writers for the humerous dialogue, actually thanks for all of the dialogue as it seems so real and believable. And filmed in a real castle–amazing!!

  • Jasonpyktel

    Omg I am so excited totally looking forward to the new season 4 coming totally freaking awesome love the series.

  • Baboo

    Aww ! But when !? I am really looking forward to see this series again. It’s great and I like all characters very much (maybe except Uther, argh, I really hate ‘im, like the actor though XD )

  • Jeff_spaid

    Thank God! I am so tired of reality t.v. This show is a very refreshing mix of drama, lite comedy and a super cast that make you want to like them…the goodies and the badies. I hope there will be  a season 5 as well. 

  • Salfaabdallah

    i love this and iwould like to warch  season 4 merline

  • Salfaabdallah

    why is season 4merline incomplete ?

  • XxVENOMxX5

    Were can you watch the fourth season
    If your in America?! I love the show…just wish Merlin would finnsly tell Auther his “secret”. 😉