Law & Order: Los Angeles (NBC) Echo Park

LAW AND ORDER: LOS ANGELES “Echo Park” Season 1 Episode 6 -The debut season for LAW AND ORDER: LOS ANGELES continued with the second episode “Echo Park”. Detective Winters (Skeet Ulrich) and Jaruszalski (Corey Stoll) begin investigating the murder of “Baby” Jane Lee Rayburn, a former cult member recently released from prison.

They are eventually led to Maura Dillon, Jane’s former cellmate. Maura accuses Winters wife Casey, who she recognizes from a photo on his desk, for framing her for arson. This ultimately ended with Maura in prison, and sharing a cell with “Baby” Jane, which apparently drove her over the deep end.

Let me pause here and say this: really? “Baby Jane”? Really? It’s been done.

I’m trying to give this series a fair chance considering that it’s only the second episode and because the other Law and Order franchises are awesome. I say that meaning all of them except Trial by Jury, which I got bored with in the first 3 episodes. Riddle me with scorn if you must, but that series was BORING.

Law and Order: Los Angeles has potential. Terrence Howard debuted his character DDA Jonah Dekker, and breathed some life into the stale acting that we’d seen up to that point.

Truthfully, I’m not sure if it’s the acting or the clunky writing that’s making these people seem like bad actors, but something just wasn’t working in “Echo Park” this week.

We did get to see a glimpse into Winters’ personal life, which I can appreciate, but even that seemed a little forced and poorly executed.

The guest stars once again stole the show for me. Casey (Teri Polo) was a character that you could relate with, and who I bought as a cop turned mother.

Michael Masse plays another creepy, CREEPY character in cult leader Dennis Watson. I think I have yet to see Massee play a character that isn’t completely insane, but hey, he does it well.

I feel that this episode was… somewhat better than the series premiere, so there IS progress. We’ll just have to wait and see if Law and Order: Los Angeles can reach the level that it’s predecessors did.

What say you? I’m curious for your opinions!

  • Christine

    I so badly want to like this series. You are right, last night’s was better than the previous week. It has potential but I think the writing needs to improve. Terrence Howard was good, but we need a twist which always gives the other Law & Orders their strength. Let’s hope for better next week.

    Thanks for blogging. It is appreciated.

    • Kelly

      Hi Christine! thanks so much for your opinion! You’re right, we do need a good twist to come along, hopefully this will happen in upcoming episodes. I guess we’ll see!

      Keep checking back and commenting! :)

  • Hroux

    Hmm this episode was pretty mediocre IMO…there were only a few highlights but it’s safe to say that this episode was better than the premiere, even tho the premiere had a better storyline and more potential. I really like Terrence Howard and that’s what really made this episode better; I hope he becomes the official lawyer soon. Another highlight was the scene with the cop’s wife approaching the witness-stand and Howard risking a lot to save the the cop’s rep by dismissing her testimony…well-handled! The main con of this episode was that it wasn’t too convincing or exciting; the way Howard manipulates the murderer in court–before she breaks down and confesses–seemed so “done before.” Anyway, I see considerable potential in this series so I’ll stick with it–for the time being! And oh special mention to the man that played the leader of the murderous tribe! Creeeeepy as heck!! Haha :)

    • Kelly

      Howard’s character was great. I really enjoyed seeing a DDA that actually has some sympathy towards the people that he’s convicting… when they deserve it.

      I think that’s what the show is currently lacking – excitement. As an audience, we can pretty much figure out what’s going to happen before it does.

      Yes, Michael Masse, the cult leader, does crazy REALLY well. I don’t think I’ve seen him in a role where he wasn’t insane.

      Thanks for the comment!