An Old Fashion Thanksgiving

International film star and Emmy® and Golden Globe Award nominee Jacqueline Bisset reprises the role of Isabella Crawford in AN OLD-FASHIONED CHRISTMAS, a Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere, Saturday, December 11 (8 p.m. ET/PT, 7C).

An Old-Fashioned Christmas will be the sequel to the very successful 2008 Hallmark movie An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving which despite mixed critical reviews moved Hallmark to #1 in the rankings for the day it aired.

An Old-Fashioned Christmas continues the narrative of Isabella (Bisset) and Tilly (Catherine Steadman, The Tudors) travelling the globe so the wealthy grandmother can teach her talented writer/granddaughter the nuances of character development and refined living.

The pair will find themselves in Ireland (AKA Hollywood’s land of quirky old men with squinty eyes and red faces, horrible accents and pints glued to fists).

Isabella will find an Earl-the Earl of Shannon-a talented writer who will help her publish her work.

I have never seen the film: have you? Would you recommend it? Looking forward to An Old-Fashioned Christmas?

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