UNDERCOVER BOSS “1-800-Flowers” Episode 9 (Chris McCann – COO)

Undercover Boss

Watch a sneak peek of the new episode of UNDERCOVER BOSS “1-800-Flowers” Episode 9 (Chris McCann – COO) which airs Sunday April 11 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Episode Synopsis: UNDERCOVER BOSS “1-800-Flowers” Episode 9 (Chris McCann – COO) – Chris McCann, President and COO of 1-800-FLOWERS, America’s largest florist and online gift shop, goes undercover where he is shocked by customers’ perception of their brand and is later forced to reveal his true identity (a first for the series) on UNDERCOVER BOSS, Sunday, April 11 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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  • http://weberkris44@yahoo.com kris weber

    This is the “freshest” new t.v. show to come around in a long time. It’s great seeing CEO’S do this and give all of us a window of hope that no matter who you are, if you do your job with pride, for not just yourself but a company there still is good business people, that do want their employee’s to succeed, and help be the backbone of their company. I think the average worker has seen so many news reports about CEO’S just there to line their pockets and the employees feel like they are just a number, not a member or even their hard work ever noticed. Bravo this gives a part of the American dream back that started this great country. Kris in K.C.

    • Jack On Fire

      Kris, this is not fresh, Like everything else on US TV it was taken from a successful British TV show. It is yet another unimaginative creation (i.e. low development cost) TV show that underlines networks’ unwillingness to create and simply steal ideas (i.e. no need to hire writers).An American dream that’s not even American, unfortunately that is the direction this country is headed.

  • c hawkes

    I just finished watching undercover boss 1-800-flowers, I think the older brother was really out of place when he didn’t show his brother the respect that he should. He went undercover to try and improve the business and find out what is working and what improvements they could do as a company and the only think his older brother thought about was to make him unconfortable and treat him with his attitude that he is his boss and can do what ever he wants and doesn’t care that his brother is trying to do the right thing for their employees and the business in general. All I can say is that I certainly feel sad for the CEO to have an older brother that doesn’t care about him as a man and the things he’s trying to do.

  • Gwen Schmitt

    I can’t believe tonight in the Undercover Boss epidsode that the CEO Jim McCann couldn’t leave his brother alone in this assignment. It seems he has to be the BIG man in charge always, needs to make sure that his little brother Chris always knows who’s in charge. Maybe that’s something this company should work on. You can tell alot about a company and a man by the way he treats his family. I’ll think twice about using 1-800-flowers the next time.

  • Wendi

    I just watched the Undercover Boss regarding 1800flowers and I really wasn’t happy with what I was watching. Not once did they talk about the local florist that help them; that have their own flower shop in your city. Your local florist are the ones that help them ensure the orders you order on line are delivered for them. They might have a big franchise but it is the local florist business owners that help them. I have a friend that has a flower shop and this is something She helps them with and not once was it said that the local flower shops help them with their orders. They should not be the ones (1800flowers) or any other wire service that should get all the credit for the flowers that your local florist are doing for them. The local florist buys the flowers, put their receipts together in vases then deliver them. They take money away from your local florist. They make money from you, from the local florist and the only person making money here is all the flower wire services. They should of at least \said they get help from your local florist. This really didn’t set well with me. What about your Local Florist? You need to order from your Local Florist and help support your local florist.

  • Bryan

    Jim McCann needs to apologize to his brother Chris McCann. I watched their episode on undercover boss. Jim comes off as the classic bully. I would only use 1800 Flowers for the fact that Chris is on board. Comparing the entire undercover boss shows, this one ranks on the bottom; this is due mostly on Jim’s very rood comments and actions towards his brother. Jim needs family counseling.
    (I have sent this comment to 1800 Flowers).

  • Claudia

    In the end the only good part about the show was the flowers.
    The appreciation/compensation that was given to the employees was embarrassing.
    How cheap can a company be? The other Undercover Boss shows did give some monetary gifts to their employees.
    Is this the way to treat your chosen employees on National TV?


    • ser

      I so agree with you.  Wow, they named a flower, after on and gave an incentive bonus when you work harder, another gets to help them make more money…. But the young guy ” minority”  got mentored, and 25,000 to start and buy his own franchise.  How… I so agree.He’s only 20 years old how hard did he have to work for that?  swept some floors and took out the trash. Just another young person that was handed the silver spoon.

  • Jennifer

    I think the customer at the local store was cute. Does anyone know who he is??

  • Adèle Gendron

    I would rank 1-800- flowers at the bottom of all Undercover boss programs.
    As we have all noticed, the rewards given to employees was not meritus, compared to other episodes.  I am sure this business doesn’t produce to its full potential.

    I attribute this lack of success to the arrogant CEO Jim McCann.  How sad, to withness on national tv, such bullying towards Chris, his younger brother.   
    The way Jim McCann treated his brother, is without saying the way he treats his employees.  A proof of this is the way he ridiculized his brother Chris (the employee),in front of all employees, as Chris was taking of picture in the shop.    The morale must be very low for employees working under such irrespectful, conceited CEO Jim McCann.  He  is not only ridiculous, he looks ridiculous.  And I dont think he will change; he is too full of himself.

    You have my sympathy Jim.  I will pray for you hoping that one day, things will turn around for your sake.  You did a good job on the program and I am glad the real picture of your bullying brother came out.