TRUE BLOOD “I Will Rise Up” Review (Season 2 Episode 9)

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Wow! I don’t really have words to express how I feel about tonight’s episode of TRUE BLOOD, “I Will Rise Up.” So before I get into that last unforgettable scene, I’ll start with what happened throughout the episode.

Hoyt & Jessica

Out of all the sadness at least these two seem to have a “normal” relationship. Although I do hate Hoyt’s mother. Jeez. I have to wonder how he turned out so good.


Sam has to turn to Andy for help, that’s how desperate he is. I do love that he turned himself into a fly, I still think that whole shape-shifter thing is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’ll ever be safe until either Maryann gets her hands on him or he kills her, but can she even be killed?


Tara can be grateful she has Lafayette in her life. How freaking awesome is he?! And even her mom is a better alternative to staying with Maryann, that’s saying something. At this point I don’t think Tara will be of any help until Maryann is dealt with. I do wonder why Lafayette and her mom weren’t affected by Maryann though.


That woman is evil! And I’m afraid that she won’t stop until she gets her hands on Sam (poor thing, what did he do to deserve this!). I wonder if the vampires will be able to do anything against her and/or if Sookie’s ability to read her mind will come handy in any way.


This was probably the sweetest episode for him. The scene between him and Sookie was so adorable and gave us an insight as to who the real Jason is. I am now looking forward to finding out what he does next.


Here comes the interesting and outrageous part. Eric freaking tricked Sookie into drinking his blood so that he could keep track of her?!!! That is so devious, but so hot at the same time… especially that dream that Sookie had with Eric! Who knew that drinking a vampire’s blood would make them seem sexually attractive to you (although I wonder if that works with unattractive vampires too). Oh and the whole Bill and Eric story has now officially become my new “Lost dilemma” (do I like Sawyer or Jack better? I still can’t choose).


Poor Bill, he is just powerless against Eric and his cunning ways. I wonder if he will lose Sookie to him before the end of the season.


Yes, Eric tricked Sookie into drinking his blood, but his last scene with Godric totally redeemed him in my eyes. Seeing in how much pain he was over losing Godric was one of the most heartbreaking scenes I have seen in True Blood, and I won’t forget it anytime soon.


And to finish, the saddest scene I have seen in True Blood. I cannot believe they killed Godric!!! Why would they do this to me? Godric was the best vampire character ever, and we only got to see him in two episodes, that’s really upsetting. But even worse is that even his death was one of the most beautiful scenes. His whole discussion with Sookie, and how humble and in awe he was about the whole thing proves once more how brilliant the writers of the show are.

And with that, there is only 3 episodes left this season, *snif*. It feels like there is so much more that needs to happen. But the main thing is for Sookie, Jason, Bill, and Eric to go home and see what has been happening to Bon Temps while they were away.

Now I want to hear your thoughts on tonight’s incredible episode of True Blood. Were you as heartbroken as I was about Godric’s demise? What do you think of the new love triangle between Sookie, Bill, and Eric? Please share in the comments below.

Please remember to keep the spoilers to a minimum for those who haven’t read the books.

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  • Beanie

    I loved Godric’s character and am very sorry to see him go, but appreciate the very fine acting and the impression he as left on the show. The scene between he and Eric was amazing and my throat was choking as I watched it.
    I am interested to see how this rivalry for Sookie will play out between Bill and Eric. I am curious why Eric wants her so bad and wants to make her a vampire?

  • Jen_in_Sacto

    Unbelievable episode. Godric was the best short-lived character in tv history (maybe a bit of hyperbole, but not by much). From the time he mounted Eric in his first scene, he had me. It was well written, but also well acted. The scene at the end was heartbreaking. When he was pleading in Swedish…I cried like a baby!

    I have been sooo bored with Maryann UNTIL this episode.

    I agree that you need to read the books to know where the whole Boring Bill thing is going. He is painful to watch. However, I think that they will end it differently than in the book. I think Lorena will be involved again, but not like how she was in the book.

  • Ary

    I never read the book , but show didnt give me any reason of why Godric killed himself. please share your thoughts on how making amends had anything to do with him killing him self? i didnt get that part:(

  • Emmannuelle

    I don’t know why they made Bill seem like the main guy in this show, is it because he’s engaged to Paquin? because in the books he starts like that but he ends up being a douche, an asshole, he rapes sookie, etc etc, she totally kicks him out of her life and Eric becomes the strongest presence in her life, her lover, her friend, her protector, hell! they even get married in the latest book, although the situation is similar to the bullet sucking scene but my point is that… BILL is the worst thing of the books and he’s mostly out of her life.

  • retroplus

    i never read any books first before a film/video adaptation and never will, probably not the correct order of things but i dont care. its more difficult to do a film than write a book, especially making a film based on a book, comic, life story, etc. a relationship is a 2 way street. “bill chose me!” is what sookie yelled to lorena, and im guessing sookie chose bill. and so, from what the hbo series (not the book) has shown the public thus far is that bill is a good guy and eric enslaves humans in his basement for food or not. sookie has got some eric blood in her now, the perfect excuse for sookie to cheat on her “true love”. would be better if, knowing bill is the jealous sensitive type, sookie was sucking on a clean surface of erics skin to play a joke on bill because her entire attraction to bill was a farce anyway. maybe not. you wont catch me quoting any “lost” episodes because i wont even try. its so true, there is not one “ugly” looking main character/ actor on this show. its all about the glamour, of vampires. i dont know why fat celebrities and ones whove never been fat preach against it. it is what it is, vamp world. dont even try, or do and just watch how inadequate efforts are! go on sookie, cheat on bill and be gone with you and eric into the real glam that the public demands to see because its so boring otherwise.

  • iPwn

    I was really shocked of what Godric did to himself, When I saw Eric pleading Godric not to do it, I was quiet until i slept and havent said a word until someone talked to me. The Final Scene of the Episode is to me, one of the most intense and heartbreaking scenes in all of True Blood, It even made Eric drop down on his knees and cry, Now thats what you call a good show.

  • Deedee

    Ary: Godric killed himself because he was distraught that vampires are still ruthless killers, and more importantly, because he was tortured over the humans he’d killed over the course of 2000 years – in other words, his own ruthlessness. The book explained it in better detail, certainly.

    Retroplus: sometimes reading the books first isn’t such a bad thing. In this particular instance, it can help to fill in backstory – like, it isn’t Sookie who’s using Bill, nor did Sookie choose Bill (or cheat on him first). Bill came looking for Sookie purposely at Merlottes that very first episode. Season three might reveal that, and certainly it should be made clear by season four. Bill is no good guy – trust me.

  • Henme

    Deedee-I agreee. The TV show has made Bill into this big hero. In the book, Bill was more than willing to dump Sookie and hook back up with Lorena UNTIL she kidnapped him for reasons too long to go into here. It irritates me that Bill is the white knight and Eric the conniving jerk. This changes the whole essence of the books. I thought it funny that in the TV show, Bill comes out of his daytime sleeping place and almost burns to death to save Sookie in Season 1. In the book, he was out of town. Come on…how melodramatic.

  • Boobie

    @retroplus So true…I don’t plan on reading the books. HBO does great shows, with great writing (Oz, The Corner, The Wire, The Sopranos, 6 Feet Under, etc.) Regardless of the story’s origins, I like what the directors and writers are doing and I don’t want to pollute or confuse the issue by always obsessing over the book. THIS IS NOT A TV ADAPTATION PEOPLE. Knowing HBO style writers, they’ll add even more characters and plot twist that ARE NOT in the book. Why? $$$$$$ $$$ for the audience watching the show (DVDs/TV/acclaim) and $$$ for all those who will run out an by the books just to compare the two….

  • Rachel

    I agree with Boobie!

  • Dexter

    Can’t wait for the battle of Bon Temps, the vampires, Sookie, Jason and others have to rescue Sam and take out Maryann. Damn so exciting. LOL at the Dick and fuck off on the welcome to bon temps sign board.

  • Karin

    Eric and Sookie together…, Hot, HOT! I’ve rewatched that seen 3 times. WOW! Godric dying….sad, and Eric sobbing in Swedish, begging him not to do it…heartbreaking. Bon Temps action…wow, love how Sam went to ANDY!! Andy is so pitiful lately, he means well, he’s just can’t get out of his whisky bottle, but he KNOWS that things are wrong! CAnt wait till next week. and….I HATE MARYANN!!!!

  • Boobie

    Thanks:o) Rachel…New episode aaaallllllmost here!!!!!!! Maryann has to get dealt with THIS WEEK!!!!!

  • Seth

    i can’t ever watch this episode again
    i feel like i want to die
    Godric’s death was too aweful
    i’m still broken up over his death i don’t think i’ll ever get over it :((

  • Dani

    Well I am as excited as Boobie about the new episode this weekend. I really do help they deal with Maryann once and for all this week!

  • liberiangirl222

    @Emmannuelle- I’m sorry but that was cruel of you to drop those spoilers like that…not knowing what’s going to happen is what’s fun about this…please don’t do that, I’ve only finished books 1 and 2.

  • Boobie

    ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!

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