TORCHWOOD – “Adrift” (S02E11) Pictures and Promo

TORCHWOOD - Eve Myles as Gwen in

TORCHWOOD is back with a whole new episode, “Adrift.” It is one of my absolute favorite shows and the reason why I haven’t been covering it much lately is because I was catching up with Season 3 of Doctor Who (another favorite show), and I wanted to finish that before catching up with the new season of Torchwood (which was piling up on my DVR) and I am so glad I did.

Back to Torchwood. I am happy to say that I am now up to date and ready for the new episode this Saturday, April 5. This season so far has been great I cannot believe that we only have 3 episodes left (including this one). How long are we going to have to wait to see the Torchwood team again after that? I might have to watch season 1 and 2 again.

So don’t forget to watch Torchwood “Adrift” tonight, April 5, at 9pm on BBC America.

But for now check out a promo and more pictures for Torchwood “Adrift” below.

You can also check out another promo on BBC America’s website.

Episode Synopsis: “Adrift” – Rift activity may be taking things in addition to leaving them behind.

TORCHWOOD - Eve Myles as Gwen and Tom Price as PC Andy in
TORCHWOOD - Ruth Jones as Nikki in
TORCHWOOD - Robert Pugh as Jonah in

(Photos: BBC Worldwide)

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